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We do all the work and will have everything done for you within one month, and you will be a cited authority in your area of expertise and able to use these major media logos for yourself and for your business.

My wife is scared of going into the ocean because of sharks. And so I was doing a little research online about it and what I found is, more people are killed every year by hippos than by sharks. I also discovered that more people are killed by cows, and what really kind of blew me away is more people are killed by snails every year than by sharks.

And here’s the proof right from the major media. 200,000 people die each year from a parasitic worm that snails carry. So why is it we’re all scared to death to go swimming cause of sharks, yet only 6 people die from shark attacks every year, and 200,000 people die from snails every year, and none of us are scared of snails at all?

What’s the point in talking about this? Well, the point is that media creates reality. We’re scared of sharks because the media tells us to be scared of sharks. Nobody talks about snails because the media doesn’t talk about snails.

And so the question we’ll answer here now is how you can create a perception that will lead to people seeing you as the best and wanting to use your service. Because you know that when you have this authority, you are going to get more of the people that are considering doing business with you to choose you.

I am here to give you a shortcut on how to get cited into Forbes, the NY Times, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and many, many others. These are the most recognized networks; these are the websites you need to be on. Once you are on these websites, you could use these logos in all of your marketing. That’s what I do for you! When you contact me now to claim your spot in the special program.

The real value that you get from authority is real dollars. Because you are getting guaranteed placement in these major networks and then the ability to use those logos on your websites, your social sites, your business cards, and in all of your marketing. Remember, this authority is influencing buying decisions both online and offline because of how many people now use Google to look you up before using your services.

The beauty of this is that it’s easier to make money by getting more out of the exposure you’re already getting than going out and getting more exposure. We do all the work for you right now. You give us one month’s time and you get into the media now and then benefit forever – for months to come and years to come, this will be paying off for you. Contact me now to claim your spot.

Who needs this authority most?

Any and every professional! You benefit by becoming a quoted expert and use that quote and authority in all your marketing. You will be able to use the media logos stating ‘as seen on…’ And this is something your competition doesn’t have. You’re now perceived as a trusted authority.
It’s not just about getting them to choose you over your competition; it’s about getting them to choose you over doing nothing.

They are going to choose you when you have this authority and that’s what we do for you. We give you guaranteed placement into all of the major networks.

And when you act now, as a bonus, we will even add the logos to your profile picture for you doing all of the Photoshop work for you. So this is a completely done for you program.

There are so many uses for this media authority. You can put it into your LinkedIn and Facebook social media profile photos, on your websites, your brochures, your advertisements, your business cards, your newsletters, your storefront, anywhere and everywhere.

And it’s not just any placement; you will be included in an article as a top recommended business or professional with a quote!

Now, a common question is – Are these citations real? And the answer is – absolutely yes! The citations appear on the major media networks’ websites and are 100% legit. We will provide you with links so you have proof should anyone ever question you about your citations.

But wait! What about saturation? If I can just pay you to get into the major media, doesn’t that somehow water this down? I mean, what if everybody did this? Why is this not a problem? You’re exactly right! Because not everybody knows about this, but you do! And you’re taking action by contacting me now and that’s what’s going to keep you on the edge versus your competition.

Let’s be clear that media citation is a conversion strategy. This is about getting more people to choose you. To get quoted on the major media networks websites and that’s going to make it more likely to get potential clients and customers to choose you. You’re not necessarily going to get a ton of traffic and exposure from this (although sometimes you will) and I am being very upfront about what to expect. This is primarily a conversion strategy. What this will also lead to though will be having the major media seeing you no longer as a risk.

They are now going to be more likely to choose you for interviews, articles, quotes, and that’s where you can get real media exposure.

So this is a way of getting into the inner circle and having this lead to more media exposure and traffic down the road.

Think about what it’s costing you right now to have some of the people that are looking at you and choosing not to do business with you. If just one or two of those people chose you because of the media authority each month, how much would that put into your bottom-line right now? And it’s not just this month, it’s every month for the rest of your life that you’ll be getting these benefits.

Act now, contact me now right away. You will get guaranteed placement to any major network you choose. It will take you only a few minutes to give us the information we need to get started. We do all the work and will have everything done for you within one month, and you will be a cited authority in your area of expertise and able to use these major media logos for yourself and for your business.

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Aaron Andrew Nelson

Aaron Andrew Nelson

Nationally Recognized AdWords, Online Marketing and Branding Expert for Attorneys

Aaron Nelson is the creator of Leads for Lawyers which is an online marketing method that speeds up your sales cycle by leveraging Google and customizing your marketing message when reaching your ideal prospect.