Why is Google King?


When a client is searching on Google… they are a RED HOT lead that is searching, finding, and calling YOU!

First off, let’s take a quick look at what most business owners try to do.

You’ve got the good old newspaper ads which are kind of outdated and really go stale, because you’ve got the same readership, even though the newspaper companies will tell you that you need to run your ads a year straight in order to get response, that is actually not the case. Usually you have the same readership and your ads will go stale.

Billboards are also pretty expensive and tend to go stale, and billboard companies, they know that and they’re going to lock you into a 6 month or 1 year contract cause they know the first month your billboard goes up you might get some new people but after a few months have gone by it’s typically the same people driving by that billboard every day. So your results go down, and that’s why they lock you into long term contracts.

TV is very expensive and has a low return on investment, as is radio. And really, TV and radio are more for branding anyway.

When a client is searching on Google… they are a RED HOT lead that is searching, finding, and calling YOU!

They have already taken an action and are MUCH closer to becoming a client than someone that you “Interrupt” with advertising (like Billboard, TV, etc.)

This is the highest quality lead a business owner is going to get aside from a personal referral.

If you’re a personal injury attorney in Dallas, and someone goes onto Google and types in “personal injury attorney in Dallas” That is a red hot lead, it does not get any hotter than that.

Aside from someone saying to his friend “hey this is the best lawyer in the world” right? Because a personal referral is always going to be #1

But guess what? You can’t get personal referrals without new clients coming in the door. You need new clients coming in, and then you treat those clients good and they refer their friends, and that’s how multi million dollar businesses are born.

You need new high quality leads, and Google is the best way to do that.

Just a quick chart here, I think we all know about Google’s growth, we all use Google every single day.

Back in 2007 local businesses could maybe still be ok if they ignored Google, but moving forward to 2013 and this graph only goes to 2013,

but we all know that in this day and age we all use Google every single day. You do, and your customers do.

And by the way, you don’t just keep growing more and more and keep adding revenue if your ad platform doesn’t work.

There’s a reason why over 1/3 of all online advertising goes through Google. And the reason is, it works. People wouldn’t keep spending more and more and more every year if it didn’t work. Right?


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Aaron Andrew Nelson

Aaron Andrew Nelson

Nationally Recognized AdWords, Online Marketing and Branding Expert for Attorneys

Aaron Nelson is the creator of Leads for Lawyers which is an online marketing method that speeds up your sales cycle by leveraging Google and customizing your marketing message when reaching your ideal prospect.